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Our unique pear-shape gives you 3 chairs for the price of 1! The same chair sits 3 ways

chair bean bag lounger bean bag barrel chair bean bag
It's a Chair
It's a Lounger
It's a Barrel Chair

Mega Bena Bag fot two.

and is great for...

The Game Chair - for playing video games or watching TV in the rec room or family room

The Study Chair - essential in the college dorm room

The Reading Chair - teachers create a reading corner of beanbag chairs in the classroom. Libraries use beanbag chairs for reading group sessions. Our unique chairs can be found in use at university libraries around the country, including California, Missouri, Wisconsin, Princeton and the Harvard Law Library!

The Meeting Chair -informal chair for youth group meetings in schools and churches. The Java Convention and other "think tanks" find these chairs conducive to the creative process.

The Rehabilitation Chair – Versatility of positioning makes the beanbag chair an ideal alternative for the bedridden and disabled. (Please consult with your physician.) Kettering and Miami Valley hospitals are using these chairs in their Psych Recovery and Natural Childbirth units, and have been using the original chairs for over 20 years!

Quality Upholstery - made of leather-look vinyls and upholstery grade fabrics.

50+ Decorative Colors - We have vibrant primary colors, and also decorator colors such as Seafoam Green, Teal, Jade, Hunter Green, Quicksilver, Wine, etc...
video game bean bag
store bean bag display

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