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Soling 1M Design Your Own

I would like the reinforcement corners on the back side of the sail to be trimmed in
Hot Pink
Safety Yellow
Multi-2 Color (+$2.00)
Sail Number Color?
No Sail Numbers
Would you like tell Tales?
Yes - Highly Recommended
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Price: $139.00

Design your Own Unique Design
for the Soling 1 Meter

Custom Design your own Sails

I can take your graphics or company logos and print them on a sail. Email me to discuss your ideas. Scott@beanbag.com

If you would like a certain graphic applied to a sail, the graphic needs to be a scalable Vector graphic. Most of the graphics found on the internet are too small and get really grainy and pixilated as soon as I try to blow them up to fit the sail. Thus, when looking for graphics, look for vector graphics. A good site for these is http://media.photobucket.com/image/dragon/dragon1_bucket/Dragon.jpg?o=9

This site is filled with all sorts of great images, all which can be blown up without loss of image quality.

Once you decide on something you like, drop me an email, and I will do up a sample and give you a price. Most designs are $135 to $150 depending on how much work is involved it creating the design. 

Windjammin Sails are 100% legal racing sails for the Soling 1 Meter. They are made of a single-panel 3oz Dacron and cut to comply with the Soling One Meter Sail Control Drawing. However, WJ Sails has taken these plain white sails one step further by printing the illusion that these sails incorporate the hottest revolution in sailmaking - membrane technology just like the high tech America's Cup Yachts and Volvo Ocean Racers. 

Windjammin Sails Soling 1M Sails Include

Actual big boat CAD fiber layout printed on one side of sail which resembles big boat membrane technology. 
This print application is not cheap. The process requires a very specialized 1/2 Million Dollar printer which uses special ink cured with UV light. The company which own's this very special printer, charges $95 an our plus materials. However, WJ Sails has a friend who is an owner and thanks to them, it is possible to offer a very special and unique product well below normal printing cost for this type of application. **Sails are only printed on 1 side "the starboard side" however, their image shows thru to the back side enough to see the design. 

Reinforced starburst corners which distribute the stretch and load better yielding a smoother longer lasting sail
 The stock sails that come with a Soling do not have any reinforcements in the corners. This can cause wrinkles to form out of the corners of the sail, especially the clew due to the cloth stretching and not being pulled evenly over a big enough area. Windjammin Sails layers reinforcements in a starburst fashion on the backside of the sail, so you get optimum performance and like out of your sail.

Battens which help hold the leech and keeps the sail area outside the pull line supported
The Soling had big roaches on both main and jib. And without any seaming to tighten the leach, there is nothing supporting the leech from wanting to fold over or fall off. Adding battens helps support the sail yielding a better, smoother sail.

Tell Tales in Florescent Green and Yellow, 2 pair on the jib, 1 pair on the main and 2 on main leech
Telltales can help greatly in the set-up and tuning of your boat, not to mention can really help with on the water wind direction too.

Soling Class Symbol and your sail numbers are included on the main.
As indicated by the class rules. Jib Numbers are extra.

Are these Sails any better than stock sails? Windjammin Sails reply would be definitely "yes"! While they are made of as close to an exact Dacron as stock Victor Sails, the reinforcements in the corners and the added battens really help maintain sail shape and smoothness of these sails. With the addition of the tell tales, class symbol, numbers, and the cool big boat designs, not only do you get a better performing sail, but a these extra touches will really enhance the appearance and value of your boat. My last regatta... 1st place with 7 bullets and a DNF (batteries failed)

NOTE: Trying to remove the sail numbers on these printed sails will most likely pull the ink off the sail.  Thus, once the numbers are applied, these sails are no longer returnable.  If you are unsure of your sail number, or if you would like to see the sails and have the option of returning them (less shipping) please select sail numbers sent loose which means you will apply them once you decide you definitely want to keep them.

Needs to be printed! 
Order today and eta shipping is 4 to 6 weeks!

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