About the Sailmaker

Scott Rowland has 38 years of experience in sail design and manufacturing. Scott is also a very talented and keen racing sailor with over 44 years racing experience and is winner of 15 National Championships.

Scott grew up around around competitive sailing, as his parents are also multiple National Champions. His parents are the founders of The Sailors' Tailor - manufacturer of 250 One Design Boat covers, sails, and supplies. With the family in the boat business, most of Scott's childhood revolved around sailing and racing. He has been very involved in the local sailing club and junior sailing programs. He first started sailing single handed at the age of 8 in an Optimist Pram. From there he has owned and routinely raced Sunfish, Laser, Snipe, Y-Flyers, and Highlanders winning numerous club, local, regional, and National events. Most summer weekends growing up were spent by Scott grabbing a friend to crew, the family would double deck 2 boats (Mom and Dad in 1 and Scott and crew in the other), and they would travel the midwest hitting as many events as possible.

Since age 14, Scott spent all his summers working at The Sailors' Tailor, and after graduating Ohio State in '93, Scott now works full time as computerized cover designer/cutter, webmaster, quality control, shipper, and head sail designer/maker.

Around '95 Scott got into RC racing and decided it would be fun to use our computer cutters and 3D sail design software to scale down the winning big boat sail for RC. With already a huge workload at The Sailors' Tailor, Windjammin Sails became the after work division. Scott designs and cuts the RC sails at work, then brings them home to assemble in the evening in his basement sail loft.

Windjammin Sails

Sail Maker

1st 2003 EC12 Regional's, Mystic Ct.

1st. 1987 Snipe Junior Nationals *
1st. 1995 Y Flyer Nationals (50 boats) *
1st. 1999 Star 45 Nationals
1st. 2001 Star 45 Nationals
1st. 2003 Star 45 Nationals
1st. 2004 Star 45 Nationals
1st. 2005 US1 Meter Nationals
1st. 2006 US1 Meter Nationals
1st. 2010 V32 Nationals
1st. 2015 V32 Nationals
1st. 2016 V32 Nationals
1st. 2016 Star 45 Nationals
1st. 2017 V32 Nationals
1st. 2018 V32 Nationals
1st. 2019 US1 Meter Nationals
* Big Boats, Sails Made at The Sailors Tailor.