Dragon Force Sailboat

Dragon Force 65 Sails

Customer Comment: "Wow... what a difference!"RK

All Windjammin Dragon Force Sails include
  1. Reinforced starburst corners which distribute the stretch and load better yielding a smoother longer lasting sail.
  2. Battens which help hold the leech and keeps the sail area outside the pull line supported
  3. Tell Tales in Florescent Green and Yellow,on the jib and on the main
  4. RG65 Symbol both sides of the sail
  5. Luff wire installed in jib
  6. 2 digit sail number included on the main and jib.

Delivery ETA:

Unfortunately... New Sail Orders are currently taking about 117 days to get shipped out!
New orders will be delivered around 7/21/2023 or as soon as possible in the order received. I greatly apologize for this long lead time, but I work full time for The Sailors' Tailor, then come home to a wife and two boys. I am working as many hours as I can in the evenings to get new orders out, but just so many people have ordered recently... that I am totally booked up. It is only after everyone else goes to bed and on weekends I can make sails... This is a side hobby for me, not my full time business.

If you are in a bind, and need your sails ASAP... then you can buy this RUSH Service to get your sails shipped in 10 days or less - fees applies Order Rush Delivery

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