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RC Sails
RC Sailboat Classes
» Sail Numbers
3" Sail Numbers
Standard Sail Numbers
for most RC Classes.
Soling 1M, V-32, Star 45, Victoria, Odom, and more!
4" Sail Numbers
Standard 4" Sail Numbers
For Larger Classes like the EC12
Sail Numbers Laser Class
Designed Specifiacally for the
RC Laser Class  Numbers
All other classes use standard 4" Numbers
Sail Numbers DF65 - DragonForce
Designed Specifically for the DragonForce 65.
These are 8cm tall numbers
Other classes please select standard 3" numbers.
Sail Numbers DF95 - DragonFlite 95
Designed Specifically for the DragonFlite 95.
A/B Rig and C/D Rig sizes
Other classes please select standard 4" numbers.
T37 Sail Numbers
Designed Specifiacally for the
T37 Class  Numbers
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