Soling One Meter

Windjammin Sails are 100% legal racing sails for the Soling 1 Meter. They are made of a single-panel Dacron and cut to comply with the Soling One Meter Sail Control Drawing. However, WJ Sails has taken these plain white sails one step further by printing the illusion that these sails incorporate the hottest revolution in sailmaking - membrane technology just like the high tech America's Cup Yachts and Volvo Ocean Racers.

3DL WJ Sails

All Windjammin Soling 1M Sails include

  1. Reinforced starburst corners which distribute the stretch and load better yielding a smoother longer lasting sail.
  2. Battens which help hold the leech and keeps the sail area outside the pull line supported
  3. Tell Tales in Florescent Green and Yellow, 2 pair on the jib, 1 pair on the main and 2 on main leech
  4. Soling Symbol both sides of the sail
  5. Luff wire installed in jib
  6. Sail Numbers included on the main.... jib are extra.

Delivery ETA:

Thank you for choosing Windjammin Sails for your sailing needs.Due to the high volume of orders and the careful craftsmanship involved in each sail, the current lead time for new sails is about 88 days. This means that your order is expected to arrive sometime just before 5/18/2024 .

I understand that this is a long wait and I greatly apologize for this long lead time. I have a full time job at The Sailors' Tailor and a family to take care of, so I am limited to making sails in my spare time. Due to the high demand for my sails, I have a lot of orders to fulfill and a limited amount of time to do so. I hope you can appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of my work, and I assure you that I am doing my best to deliver your sail as soon as possible.

If you are in a bind, and need your sails ASAP... then I do offer a RUSH Service to get your sails shipped in 10 days or less - fees applies Click here to add Rush Delivery to your order.

I appreciate your cooperation and patience in this matter. I assure you that I am doing my best to deliver high-quality sails to you as soon as possible.

Customer Comment: "Really nice work on them, have Carr and Spider and find yours to be the best in quality and workmanship." DM

Soling 1M
Boats 55, 2364, 10, 24, 557, and 2614 all using WJ Sails Soling 1M White Sails at 2010 NCRR. Photo by Tom Evens

WJ Sails Soling
Soling 1 Meter Sails

Membrane Technology is where sails are created over full-sized 3-dimensional molds by sandwiching a scrim cloth and a yarn layout between two thin Mylar films, then heat fusing everything to make a single cloth-like sail. The sails have fibers running up the leech, and tack fibers radiate out to the leech and many fibers from the clew radiate to points along the luff creating an interlocking structural grid that stretches less for its weight, holds its shape over a wider wind range, and retains its designed shape longer. This membrane technology has dominated sailboat racing worldwide. Membrane sails were used exclusively by the America's Cup and every team racing in both the 2002-2003 and 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race.

Over the past 14 years, WJ Sails has been looking for some way to print on Dacron. Because of the slippery coated finish Dacron has, nothing wanted to adhere to the surface. Graphic for the big cruising boats are currently printed and then cured under 800 degrees of heat. Problem with this process is the cloth shrinks around 8%, and not proportionately making it impossible to get a perfectly legal - lined up sail when done. Just recently WJ Sails found a process which does the job without heat and applies the ink just like a giant inkjet printer, but uses a special UV light to cure it.

So, WJ Sails took lots of pictures of different scrim mylars for the background, then drew to scale all the thread lines coming out of each corner of the sails, overlay some graphics, and after about 30 hours of design work, now have a very realistic 3DL America's Cup Volvo Ocean Racer looking Sail for the Soling 1M.

Customer Comment: "Received the sails Fri as you thought. I have heard so much about your sails and the quality of workmanship that I must admit, I had High expectations. The quality of your craftsmanship and attention to detail has far exceeded my expectations! Well worth the wait!