Soling 1M Daron White Sails

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Wood mast do not use luff slugs, but if you are building a new Soling with an Aluminum mast, then you may want luff slugs to hold the main to the mast.
Price: $129.99

Non-Printed all White Sails
with starburst corners, luff wire, grommets, battens, tell tales, class symbol, and sail number.

These are not the fancy 3DL looking sails.  However, these are white Windjammin Soling sails with a number of improvements.  First off, WJ Sails has scoured the industry to find the best class legal cloth options currently available.  Corners are reinforced so that the corner grommets do not rip out, and so the load of the sail is more evenly disbursed, which yields a smoother over all sail.  Also, battens are added which again improves the shape of the sails by not allowing the leech to turn inside out.  You also get tell tales for tuning, and all your class symbols and numbers are taken care of in very neat insignia.


Soling Sails

Multi-Color Corner Trim

2 Color reinforcement corners. Make your boat stand out even more by being one of the first to have multicolored corners.

When choosing corner color, select multi-color and then specify the 2 colors in special instructions. Green is Color 1, and Orange is Color 2 in the picture to the left.


Windjammin Sails Soling 1M Sails Include

Reinforced starburst corners which distribute the stretch and load better yielding a smoother longer lasting sail
The stock sails that come with a Soling do not have any reinforcements in the corners. This can cause wrinkles to form out of the corners of the sail, especially the clew due to the cloth stretching and not being pulled evenly over a big enough area. Windjammin Sails layers reinforcements in a starburst fashion on the backside of the sail, so you get optimum performance and like out of your sail.

Battens which help hold the leech and keeps the sail area outside the pull line supported
The Soling had big roaches on both main and jib. And without any seaming to tighten the leach, there is nothing supporting the leech from wanting to fold over or fall off. Adding battens helps support the sail yielding a better, smoother sail.

Tell Tales in Florescent Green and Yellow, 2 pair on the jib, 1 pair on the main and 2 on main leech
Telltales can help greatly in the set-up and tuning of your boat, not to mention can really help with on the water wind direction too.

Soling Class Symbol and your sail numbers are included on the main.
As indicated by the class rules. Jib Numbers are extra.

Are these Sails any better than stock sails? Windjammin Sails reply would be definitely "yes"! While they are made of as close to an exact Dacron as stock Victor Sails, the reinforcements in the corners and the added battens really help maintain sail shape and smoothness of these sails. With the addition of the tell tales, class symbol, numbers, and the cool big boat designs, not only do you get a better performing sail, but these extra touches will really enhance the appearance and value of your boat. 

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