Rush Delivery

Price: $50.00
If you are in a bind, and need your sails ASAP... then you can buy this RUSH Service to get your sails in shipped 10 days or less. 
I will squeeze you in somewhere, go in to work late, stay up later... or whatever it takes to get you your sails done and shipped in 10 days or less.
 If they are not shipped in 10 days or less from invoice date, you will be refunded this $50.00 additional fee and will just pay normal sails cost and delivery cost.

Unfortunately... New Sail Order are currently taking about 92 days to get shipped out!
 I greatly apologize for this long lead time, but I work full time for The Sailors' Tailor, then come home to a wife and two boys. I am working as many hours as I can in the evenings to get new orders out, but just so many people have ordered recently... that I am totally booked up. It is only after everyone else goes to bed and on weekends I can make sails... This is a side hobby for me, not my full-time business.

I typically try to process orders in the order they are received, unfairness to all.  However, there are some rare cases where someone may not have sails, or just damaged their sails, and they can't wait 2 months for new ones.  I have had several customers ask if they could pay more or something to get them faster due to these types of circumstances, thus I am trying an Emergency Rush Service.

 This RUSH service is not meant to be for everyone and will not delay your order if you do not buy this service.   This Rush service is going to be offered on a very limited basis... meaning I will continue to make sails at the normal steady pace, oldest order, first...

Note:  Rush Service is per set of sails and not for the entire order.  To apply, order your sails first, then order this service right after as the next product on your order.  If you order multiple sails, I can only rush 1 set and not all the sets in order to keep my normal everyday orders from being delayed.

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