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Bean Bag Chair Filler / Refill

We Carry 2 Sizes
bean bag chair filler
Although they're called "bean" bags, most bean bag chairs are not filled with beans. Their soft, cushiony feel actually comes from tiny polystyrene beads. After time these beads get tired of being bounced on, sat on, and squished and squashed, they compress and lose volume. If you're not getting the support you once were out of your bean bag, it's time to re-energize your beanbag with a refill. We offer the same special virgin filling material we use in the original construction of our beanbags.

1 Cubic Foot = 28.3168 Liters

3 cu. ft. Refill

85 Liters
This is 3 cu ft of beans approx 13" x 22" x 22"

Price: $26.50 + shipping

This size is good for re-energizing a bean bag that is crushed down.

10 cu. ft. Refill

283 Liters
This is 10 cu ft of beans approx 22" x 22" x 40"

Price: $64.00 + shipping

This size refill is good for re-energizing more than 1 bean bag or for filling an empty one for the first time.

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About the Beans - Our beans are virgin (meaning clean, new, and unused) and our beans are modified to make them fire retardant . They are tiny irregular shaped beads of polystyrene... not perfectly round like pearls. We prefer these tiny irregular beans and have been using them in our bean bag chairs since 1975. We believe our beans make for the best sitting chair. Just look how many ways our bean bags are being used - partially from the design and partially due to the beans we are using. Our beans are NOT recycled, but clean, new filler. Click Here for Photo.