Compare our bean bag prices to making your own bean bag chair.



Buy pattern                                                                                $7.99

5 yds. Upholstery grade fabric x $30.00 yd                        $150.00

Zipper                                                                                        $4.50

10 cubic feet of beads and shipping them to you                $84.00

Reinforcements                                                                        $1.00

Heavy weight thread                                                                 $1.00


Cut 6 pieces

Sew 4 seams and topstitch

Make up bottom  with double zippers

Sew in the circular bottom

Sew in the circular top

Turn bean bag inside out

Add 10 cubic feet of filler to the bean bag

Bag or box it

1 Hour if you are really efficient                                            $50.00

          ( or free if you time is worth nothing)


                                                                   Subtotal          $298.49



Take to UPS store.  They will charge $100.00

or more to ship it because it is "Oversize 2".                                + $  ??


Morale of the story:


Our Best Selling 125" XL Adult bean bag chair is really a bargain by comparison.  Our thick Leather Look Vinyl XL chair is:



   +    $20.00   (our greatly discounted shipping to you depending on distance)



Order beanbags today on our website and start enjoying your chair in 1 to 4 days depending on shipping distance and own a bean bag that will last 10+ years!




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