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Recently I purchased an XL Bean bag chair from you, which I found searching on the Internet. Usually I do not like to buy an item without seeing it first, but it was a great surprise and pleasant experience:
- free color samples (more than expected)
- the customer service that took my order was very nice.
- delivery was precise
- nice and "cool" packaging
- no hidden price, exactly as it is advertised
- very high quality product, nice design and comfortable
Ms. A.S.

I ordered your Mega size bean bag. I did not realize this thing was really Mega size. This thing is MEGA huge, my son and I love it, we are going to order another one very soon. It makes a great seat for our Nintendo matches.
I don't normally write to a company about their product. It is what you claimed it to be, excellent quality.
Mr T.M.

To whom it may concern,
I had ordered your XL Bean bag chair about a month ago. I would just like to say the I've never been more comfortable watching TV and just hanging out in my life. It even relieved back pains I used to have. It's very comfortable and tough. I had bought one of those cheap $20.00 bean bags in the past and it broke in a matter of a few months, and it wasn't even comfortable. I am very satisfied with your bean bag and plan to order more in the future. You make great, comfortable bean bags and just wanted to say keep up the good work.
Mr D.R.

Bean Bag City,
Great news! The bean bags arrived here in the UK today. The wait has been worthwhile because the quality and workmanship is far superior to anything I have been able to find over here. Please don't laugh I bought 3 British made bean bags in February 1999 for £129.00 each ( say $185.00 each) and by February 2000 they had started to tear at the seams, and by February of this year they were spilling the beans out onto the floor. They are now ready for the trash can. Although I had to pay British Taxes (Import duty, Customs Clearance, Value added tax) of £61.03 (say $87) on top of the total purchase and shipping costs, I still made a savings, and I have a quality product. I am so pleased that I bought from you. Now all I have to do is fill them before the kids get home from school. I f any of my friends and relatives ask, I'll let them know about Bean Bag City.
Mr S.P.

I ordered a bean bag chair form you last week, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your chair. We gave it to our son Ian for his 15th birthday on Sunday, he loves it. My other son can't wait for his birthday in August to get one now.
Ms J.P

I'm writing to say that you truly are the best bean bag company in the world and sell the coolest, most well made, best quality bean bag chairs at the most rockin prices with the funkiest range of colors and sizes. I recently purchased an XL Silver bean bag from you via net and I wanted to thank you because it's made my life a lot more comfortable! I often buy stuff off the net from different stores, and I'm often disappointed at the quality or find that the advertising was false. However, not only was I impressed with your Web site, I found your staff extremely helpful and friendly on the phone and found your product easy to order BUT I found that the product was even better than you advertised it!!! cheers! Everyone who has experienced the magic of my new bean bag chair was highly impressed and I've recommended your site and products to nearly everyone I know (and that's a lot of people - trust me!) Hope to buy more of your stuff soon.
N. England

The web and your products are fantastic. We could not believe the quality of the bag we ordered a few months ago!!!!
Ms L.L.

Our five year old son loves the Red bean bag chair that Santa brought him for Christmas. Please give all our thanks to all the "Elves" .
Mr & Ms T.M.

Dear Bean Bag City,
On Friday August 24, 2001 I talked to a bean bag city employee over the phone. When I explained that I had accidentally ordered the wrong size, she told me to ship the large back. Since I needed a refill for my brother's bean bag chair the employee told me that I could simply take the filling from this chair and she would simply bill me for a refill. She said that they would ship me the X-Large on Friday so I could get it before I went to college, and bill me for the X-Large. Then she would give me a refund when my chair arrived there. Thank You for being so accommodating and friendly. You were VERY helpful, and I really felt like you cared for what was going on. Not many businesses come across in such fine manner. Thank you again!!
Ms D.N.

I bought a bean bag about 10 years ago from Bean Bag City and they are still in great condition at my parents house in Ohio.
Ms A.J.