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Competitors say this is a 140" Bean Bag Chair
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Seam Construction Determines How Long Your Chair Will Last.
Competitors' bean bags are just NOT made to last.
Watch VIDEO "Seams / Fabric click here!"

.Competitors' chairs are sewn to self-destruct. They utilize a simulated flat-felled seam that doesn't actually secure four layers of fabric, doesn't use the strength of the fabric, and uses a chain stitch that can easily unravel. The chain stitch was designed to move in the seams of double-knit clothing for comfort and a relaxed fit. It was never designed for unyielding fabric like vinyl, or for applications that demand durability like furniture. Every time you sit in a bean bag that has been chain-stitched, the thread moves through the stitch holes. This motion literally "saws" the seam apart from stitch hole to stitch hole. A chain-stitched bean bag is guaranteed to wear poorly and rip along the seams within a short amount of time.

Other bean bags usually do not use color matching thread. Because finding and changing threads for every color bean bag is very time consuming, many competitors use clear cat gut like thread to cut costs. Cat gut is just like fishing line, and because of it's stiffness, it adds to the cutting and wear of the seams as mentioned above.

Flat-felled seams and color matched thread increase production time and cost. However, Bean Bag City ® is committed to quality and exacting standards which demands the time it takes to use the lock stitch, and enables us to achieve the high level of customer satisfaction that we've enjoyed for over 42 years!

Comps Bean Bag Seam
Competitors imitation (not a flat-felled seam)

bean bag seam inside
Inside reveals cloth not folded together / not a flat-felled seam

Bean Bag City® - Improved Genuine Flat-Felled Seams
Our bean bag seam
look of seams on outside
Our Beab Bag Seams inside
inside is finished same as outside
Bean Bag City ® Bean Bags

Bean Bag City® sews flat-felled seams with 2 rows of lockstitches which do not allow thread motion in the stitch holes. The 2 pieces of material are actually rolled together interlocking their edges. Both needles are always sewing through 3 or 4 layers of material. Now all the strain of the seam is on the fabric itself and not on the stitching. The stitching just holds the fold from unrolling. We use color matched dacron thread (soft but strong) for a rich appealing finish. When you sit on our chairs, the seams are designed to hold themselves together instead of pulling directly on the threads.

hands bean bag flat fell

"Flat-Felled Seam = a seam on the face of a garment, as on the outside of the legs of blue jeans, made by overlapping or interlocking one seam allowance with the other and top-stitching them together onto the garment with two parallel rows of stitches." (Webster dictionary)


Vinyl and Fabrics - Watch VIDEO"Seams / Fabric click here!"

We have noticed our competitors bean bag furniture is being made out of 8 to 12 oz vinyl, and even some bean bags with slip covers as thin as 4 oz.

These low-grade vinyl's may also have a very thick vinyl face coating, but a thin knit backing. Such construction does little to strengthen the vinyl. Knit backings give and flex, which pulls at the stitching and can actually contribute to the failure of the seams. Our backings are non-woven polyester, which strengthens the fabric without compromising the overall strength of the product.

comp bean bag cloth
A competitors was only 28/1000 thick

bean bag city cloth
Here is just one example where Bean Bag City's materials measures 38/1000 thick.

Bean Bag City ®

Bean Bag City® uses automotive upholstery velvets, double-ply Simsuedes, 16 oz. denims, and thicker more durable vinyl that looks and feels like real leather. This is a commercial strength fabric that is many times stronger than the thin plastic-look vinyl found in other, (imported beanbags). The budget bean bags typically split at the seams after only 2 weeks to 6 months. If you look closely and examine the seams of discount store's bean bag furniture, you can usually find a few of them on the store shelf still in the store, already starting to rip at the seams due to their low grade seams and materials.

Our heavier materials prevent ripping at the seams and withstand years of use. We insist, where possible, on 18oz. vinyl*, and 16 oz. cottons.

*This weight is based on an actual single square yard of the material measuring 36 inches by 36 inches.

More Reinforcements

Bean Bag City® Uses More Reinforcements Than Competitors


Unlike our competitors, Bean Bag City® reinforces the tops and the bottoms of all its bean bags. This reinforcing helps stabilize the material and keeps the chair from ripping in these high strain areas. We also sew around the tops 3 times, and the bottoms have 4 rows of stitching to prevent bead dust from escaping and to increase durability.

The chair on the right is a competitor's chair which shows NO reinforcements. Their sewing puts the strain 100% on a single layer of material. It has 1 row of stitching to hold in the top and only 2 rows at the bottom. Note the bunched up puckered top seam. When stretched, puckered seams tear the stitch holes and start leaking.


comp no reinforcements
Competitors chair reveals no reinforcing on the inside

Zipper Closure

Don't Spill the Beans! Durable Zippers - Watch VIDEO"Zippers/Filler click here!"

Other manufacturers use a weaker #3 or #4 zipper and use a clip or a fat staple to lock the zipper. The bean bag frequently gets torn in the process of removing the staple to add filler, and it's nearly impossible to replace the staple or clip in order to keep the beanbag childproof after refilling it.

Some manufacturers melt a few teeth of the zipper to make it inoperable. This makes it impossible to refill your bean bag furniture, and may also serve to keep you from seeing things the manufacturer may not want you to see inside. Zipper shown on the right does not hide away. Left exposed, it can scratch you and your floors, and is tempting for little ones to play with.

comp bean bag zippers
bbc bean bag zipper
Bean Bag City ®

Bean Bag City's® bean bag furniture features 2 hefty #5 boot zippers to keep the polystyrene bead filler…inside. All our bean bags have double zippers, one over the top of the other. These double nylon zippers always zip smoothly and do not lose their teeth. Our unique end tab design makes them childproof. The zipper sliders are hidden deep beneath 2 end tabs, and cannot be opened by curious toddlers. When it's time to add filler, they can be opened easily by using a crochet hook or a bent paperclip to "fish" out the slider from under the tab. These hide-a-way tabs also keep scratchy zippers covered up and hidden so they can never jab or scratch you or your hardwood floors.

Filler Inside the chair

Distinctive Filling Material - Watch VIDEO "Zippers/Filler click here!"
bean bag filler
Bean bag chairs aren't really filled with real beans. The soft, cushiony feel comes from tiny polystyrene beads. Bean Bag City® uses 100% new modified polystyrene beans in tiny irregular shapes in all our bean bag chairs. These tiny irregular shaped beans help our bean bag furniture retain its shape when you get up from the chair. Round beans just roll to the bottom leaving the chair to look like a formless blob. Our irregular shaped beans help the chair retain its shape and provide a level of support not found in other bean bags.

We have found some other bean bag manufacturers actually do use recycled materials from the local landfill. Some of our customers have brought in bean bags they have purchased elsewhere, and we found them filled with porous, crumbly styrene chunks (up to the size of quarters and half dollars), foam rubber, ground up athletic shoes, scraps of fabric, shredded cardboard, and all manner of foreign bits and pieces. The hazards presented by this sort of fill are obvious, not to mention the lumpy, uncomfortable seating surface they give. We absolutely do not use this type of junk in our filler. Ohio polices this, but not all states do.

Because of our thicker leather like vinyl, and our true flat-felled seams, multiple rows of stitching, and reinforced tops and bottoms, Bean Bag City® offers a 1 Year Warranty on their bean bags. For a period of one year we will guarantee all seams and workmanship from defect. If at any time within that year a seam gives out or causes a leak from your beanbag, simply return it to us freight prepaid in the original packaging or packaging that affords the same level of protection, and we will repair free. Of course, this guarantee does not cover abuse or neglect, or any sort of cut or puncture of the fabric or vinyl. The polystyrene filling material has a natural tendency to compress under pressure, in the same way that Styrofoam does. While we do offer replacement filling material at a nominal charge, the guarantee does not cover this sort of normal compressing. Other conditions and restrictions apply.

Beware of other's 10 year warrantees. Most of them have not been in business 10 years, so how do they know their chairs will last 10 years? In past years, we have seen many other websites disappear after Christmas, so then what happens with their warrantee?

We have been making bean bag furniture for 42 years and have seen first hand that our chairs are still going strong after as long as 10-15 years whether in residential homes or in public places.

We are proud that our bean bag chairs are in some very famous places!
You may have seen them in the:
  Guggenheim Art Museum in New York
  JAVA Computer Convention in California
  Harvard Law School Library in Massachusetts
  Display windows of the prestigious ESCADA stores across he USA
  Shown in home of Kimora Lee Simmons - Life in the Fab Lane - reality show on E!
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