Bean Bag City Mission Statement

Our Mission is, was, and has always been to manufacture the strongest, longest lasting, most versatile, best looking bean bag chairs at an affordable price. That is what we have been doing for the last 39 years.

Market research continues to show that the biggest complaints about bean bags is that they don’t last, and they make a mess of customer’s homes due to leaking beads.

Our observation is that most internet companies are now selling what the discount stores used to sell for $39.99, but the internet companies are now charging $100.00 prices instead for the same poor quality bean bag chairs! We, in contrast, are selling the “Lexus” of bean bag chairs, impeccably made for the same $100.00 price. Our warrantee claims are only .001%. Our past customers report that their bean bags have lasted more than 10 years, and we know of one hospital that has 25 of our beanbags that are “still going strong after 23 years”.

We are continually sent samples of off-shore imported bean bag skins that they will sell to us for $10.00. Examination of these products reveals poorly sewn puckered seams, thin vinyl or porous cloths that are no where near what we manufacture. Our vinyls look and feel just like real leather. Our cloths are thick and tightly woven so they won’t leak any bead residue.

Here in Ohio, we take pride in every bean bag chairs, and not one leaves our dock unless it has passed through 3 different inspectors.

Before you spend any money on any bean bag chair, you owe it to yourself to read the following, “If You Are A Comparison Shopper”. It will educate you as to what it takes to make a beautiful long lasting bean bag chair.

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