If you are a comparative shopper.. read this!

I wish you could see (in person) our bean bag chairs up close right next to another company’s bean bag.

If you could, you would see a very obvious superior QUALITY difference in the looks of our materials and in the construction and workmanship. Bean bag chairs take a lot of abuse (so your furniture does not have to). With that in mind, you want a bean bag that will stand up to years of jumping and mauling and rolling.

Our chairs are going to stand up to rough usage. Details about our impeccable construction are described in the section called “Know What You Are Buying”.

crash bean bag chair

kids jumping on bean bag
The Jumping Bean Bag

We are the original designers and manufacturers of the pear shape (now found everywhere) and have been selling these chairs from our factory showroom since 1975. We have been selling on the internet since 1995.

This year there are a lot of new websites selling bean bag chairs. These other companies are not only copying our pear shape, but they have gone as far as running rainbow colors through their name so it looks like our logo. They also have copied our prices… selling a less quality chair for our same $88.95 to $237.95 prices. We have seen our website words and phrases plagiarized … like “A-h-h-h” on our color flyer that we have been sending out for the past 41 years. Some of the other websites have even copied our exact size circumference of chairs. All this just creates confusion for the consumer. Remember Bean Bag City at www.beanbag.com.

Please do not compare chairs on price alone. We have been manufacturing these chairs long enough, factory direct to you, with no middle man mark up, that we know there is no way these other company’s copies can have the same features, workmanship, and thoroughness as our Bean Bag City chairs. Cutting corners is the only way they can be offering what “looks like” our chair for less or for shipping. Nothing is ever free, shipping is hidden in the price of the chair… which means that the chair itself has even less value than you think you are getting. With our chairs, the money you are spending goes into the construction and materials...You are not paying for middlemen mark-ups.

Some of our competitors claim they are the best, or they are the leader in high quality, or that they are the Cadillac of bean bags. Well, if they are the Cadillac, then we must be the Rolls Royce. None of the other web sites offer as much information and insight to their products as Bean Bag City. We are one of the few bean bag manufacturer who actually offers tosend fabric samples. That’s because we know once you see and feel our thick sturdy supple materials, you will know for sure you are getting the very best. Our bean bag chairs are being copied by many other companies, but they have never been duplicated. Our bean bag does not pass on to the next step until it passes inspection...and we do this at 4 inspection points during manufacturing.

As one last final check, our Inspector 13, Scott, personally inspects each and every beanbag before we ship it out the door. He checks it for proper fill, not too hard, but full enough so that when the beans settle in 2 weeks the chair is not too soft. He then also gives one last check of all seams, ensures that the hideaway zipper sliders are tucked in, checks for any dirt or flaws, and then boxes your chair. Scott treats your order as it were his very own.

talk on phone bean bag

We are very proud to claim we created and maintain our own web site in house. Unlike many of the other web sites out there, we have gone above and beyond to explain and answer every question one could have about why our bean bags will last longer than others.


As you look through our website, notice how classy and clear our photographs are compared those on other websites. Look how much information we offer compared to the others. Our bean bag chairs are lasting 10+ years and are truly as good as we say they are. Look at the quality and thoroughness of our website, as that is a representation of our work. We have been here for 41 years and we will be here 41 more.


Other companies can copy our designs, colors, names, prices, and so on - - but they can not copy our workmanship, thoughtfulness in design, and quality. Remember each time a copy is made, it loses quality.

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