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These unique and stylish beanbag chairs are American made, produced in Spring Valley, Ohio by Bean Bag City, a division of The Sailors' Tailor. The Sailors' Tailor name is well known nationwide as a maker of premium boat covers for 170 One Design classes of sailboats. For 32 years, Multi-Class National and International Champion Bob Rowland, his family, and the Sailors' Tailor team have built a reputation for long-lasting, extremely durable, roadworthy products. Bean Bag City offers the same value-added marine quality and durability in every beanbag we make.

We've been manufacturing these high quality commercial grade beanbag chairs since 1975 as an off-season winter product to keep our skilled seamstresses employed year round. We've seen first-hand that our chairs easily last 10 years, and have withstood astounding amounts of use and abuse in school libraries, classrooms, church youth groups, child care centers, hospitals, and special education centers. You can be assured that a chair designed to endure institutional use will wear well in your home under normal use and care.

Our beanbag chairs are so enormous that we have to stuff them into MAX size boxes. We've developed a special octagon-shaped "oversized" carton that UPS will accept, so your chair can be delivered right to your front door. For the past 32 years, we have been refining, reinforcing, and redesigning our chairs to eliminate all possible weak points where the integrity of the shell might be compromised or fail. Our competitors have copied our unique pear shape and simulated some of our construction methods. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this just validates the advances we've made in our product. But the copies are not as good as the original because others cut corners to offer lower prices. Their lack of attention to detail results in an inferior product. In the last 2 huge recalls of beanbags for manufacturing defects and child safety, NONE of our chairs had to be recalled, fixed, or replaced. Many of our competitors went out of business due to these massive recalls.
Our commitment to quality and durability, and the fashion and versatility of our design add up to value for you. Thank you for taking time to visit us on the web. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of any further assistance. Our friendly customer service staff is eager to answer your questions.

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