Our XL and Mega sizes are so big you'll never outgrow them. Because our beanbags are adult sized, the whole family can benefit from the comfort and support of millions of tiny cushioning beads adjusting to the contours of their body. Our distinctive pear shape is so versatile you can enjoy your beanbag chair three different ways– as a straight-backed chair, a reclining lounger, or a snug barrel chair. Don't be lured by a $30 to $50 price tag. The beanbags sold at discount stores are tiny, only big enough for a toddler. They are far too small and flimsy for proper adult support and are not of much use to adults other than as footstools.

The Bean Bag City ® difference doesn't stop with our chairs' incredible size and adaptability. Our chairs are better looking due to their construction. Compare the way our panels fit together at the seams. You'll probably notice puckering around the top and bottom of lesser quality beanbag chairs. This puts additional stress on the vinyl at the site of the stitching, causing it to separate or rip out. Our top and bottom seams are quadruple sewn to distribute weight more evenly and assure a leak-proof seam. The time and care we take to fit and reinforce these seams on the inside results in a more durable and more attractive piece of furniture.

Other Bean Bag Seams

These are not the garishly colored beanbags found in discount stores. While we do offer a wide assortment of colors from the bold to the sublime, you won't find cheap plastic at Bean Bag City. Our thick rich fiber-backed vinyl and upholstery grade fabrics offer handsome leather looks, pearlized finishes or luxury textiles that fit with the decor of even the most fashionable homes.

Bean Bag City ® Seams

Genuine flat-felled (Levi type) seams and lockstitch construction eliminate those annoying leaks and tears that occur at the seams of a lesser quality product. We use oversized boot zippers, which are twice as strong as those found in other bean bag chairs. They are designed to stand up to the stress of heavy commercial applications, including children diving into or jumping on a beanbag. Our exclusive hide-away closure for the zipper slider prevents young children from opening the beanbag and "spilling the beans". Our workmanship and stitching is guaranteed in writing for one full year, but most of our customers report that their chairs have lasted eight to ten years, and many have had their chairs for as long as 20 years! Keep this in mind when buying a beanbag chair for a child. Unless the chair will be handed down to younger brothers or sisters two or three times, choose a size that will not soon be outgrown.

Money Back Guarantee - Try our sensational beanbag chair for one week. If it's not everything we say it is, and you haven't had it monogrammed, just return it clean and undamaged, and we will refund the total price of the beanbag, excluding shipping charges.

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